Year 8 Vocabulary words - as chosen by the students

Blesiloquent - to speak with a lisp (or slang - a bit silly)

Phonetic - to spell words as they sound eg- chanale
by Rivky Perlow

Vociferous - loud shout/noise (human)
"The crowd was vociferous is its outcry over . . . "

Quintessential - typical, purest or most perfect form
"Quintessential Hollywood Party"
"They were the quintessential well-behaved class"

Nebulus - hazy, vague, confused
"We had trouble understanding the nebulous topic of quantum physics"

Equivocal - questionable, suspicious, dubious
"He was equivocal in his denial of the events of the previous evening"

Fastidious - hard to please, overly critical, painstaking
"Mr Jones is always fastidious eater"
"Mum was always fastidious in how she wanted my room tidied."

Floccinaucinihilipification - taunting someone using worthless facts

Hippoputomonstrouseqyuipdeliaphobia - the fear of long words

Halcyon - calm, peaceful, happy
ie "halcyon days"
"I am looking forward to a halcyon summer, no work, no sport and nothing else to do than read a few good books."
"The year we spent in Mrs Shteyman's English class was a halcyon time"

Icondite - badly put together